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Hi! I’m Melanie.

I’m the mastermind behind Eclectic Little Dork, a writer, avid reader, lover of productivity tools, and geek. Not to mention an all around awkward turtle and introvert who still has a hard time adjusting to the fact I have my own blog.

What do I write and read?

Just about anything, really. I’ve written everything from Erotic and Romantic Horror to a realistic story set in 18th century Massachusettes that deals how profoundly horrible and homophobic the anti-Sodomy laws of the time were. And I’ve read everything from Sarah Waters’ historical novels, to LGBT Romance, to Horror and other forms of Speculative Fiction (Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy). However, my first love for both writing and reading has always been Speculative Fiction.

About The Blog

I started Eclectic Little Dork sometime in 2014 via a now defunct free wordpress.com site. At first, it was just a place for me to write about anything writing related that came to my mind. But it slowly evolved into what you see today. A place to talk about writing Speculative Fiction, productivity methods, and review books in the genre family.

With the move from my old site to this one, I’m adding something even more exciting into the mix. coaching services for struggling writers. I love helping people work out the kinks in their story, giving them ideas to work with, or helping them research new genre to explore. Now I’ll be able to do so in a professional capacity and walk those struggling through it.

Stick around, read, maybe work with me if that is what you want. I’m happy to have you.



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