Perfect Coffee Ice Cubes

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Summer is winding down, but we still have plenty of time to enjoy an iced coffee. And what better way than by defeating the Darth Vader of iced coffee lovers, the watery dregs near the end of the cup. You know what I’m talking about, the stuff that has the gall to not even taste like coffee.

The solution? Coffee ice cubes! Or as I like to call them, tiny iced coffee defenders.

The Story Behind The Perfect Basic Coffee Ice Cubes

I’m an avid coffee fan. Someone who loves cold brew coffee, and even has a reusable K-Cup for the family Keurig.

So, of course, I was sad when the weather warmed up enough for my usual morning cup to make me sluggish. Who wants coffee that makes them sluggish? Not me.

I took to the internet looking for some nice, cool coffee variations for the summer. And boy did I find them. There’s a ton of great recipes out there. Mochas, iced pumpkin spiced lattes, traditional iced coffee. You name it, you can find it online.

But I noticed many of the recipes I was finding required either cold brewing coffee, which isn’t always feasible. Or brewing and pouring the coffee regular ice cubes, which make things water and dilutes the flavor of the coffee itself. And while the ice cube recipes showcased a variety of, admittedly, cool kinds of ice cubes. Pumpkin spice ice cubes in your iced pumpkin spice latte anyone?

The humble plain coffee ice cube? Well, those just didn’t get enough attention in my book.

Why Use Coffee Iced Cubes

There are some obvious reasons you’d want to use coffee ice cubes. Not liking the watery dregs left behind at end of your iced coffee being one. But I’ve come up with three other reasons for those who need some convincing.

They Taste Good

I’m one of those obnoxious people who likes to suck on the ice when done with my iced coffee. It’s nice and I’ve been doing it for years. I even do it with iced tea. But regular ice just tastes like water. Good, but nothing special. Coffee ice cubes explode across my tongue with some great coffee goodness.

They’re Versatile

Not only can you put them in various ice coffee recipes. Frozen iced coffee anyone? But even the plain ones can be made with a variety of coffees. Make a batch with your favorite flavored coffee and your next ice coffee will boldly go where no coffee has gone before.

I like to make them with a nice french roast or an espresso roast. So dark and delicious!

They’re Easy To Make

Even if you’re not that skilled in making delicious coffee drinks or frightened by the idea of doing so, making these coffee ice cubes is super simple. So easy, that once they’re done? You may just find yourself sneaking to the freezer on a hot day to use as a tiny popsicle, and not even mad if you run out before you can even make your iced coffee.

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Boost your coffee game with these super simple coffee ice cubes, and never have another watery iced coffee again.


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Perfect Coffee Ice Cubes
Making coffee ice cubes is as easy as brew, pour, and freeze. Learn to make these gorgeous little chunks of frozen coffee and never have watery iced coffee again.
Keyword coffee
Keyword coffee
Making coffee ice cubes is as easy as brew, pour, and freeze. Learn to make these gorgeous little chunks of frozen coffee and never have watery iced coffee again.
  1. 1. Using your preferred brewing method, brew 2 cups/16 ounces/ 473 milliliters of coffee.
  2. 2. Pour evenly into a tray or silicone mold like this super cool Star Trek one.
  3. 3. Place in the freezer until solid, then pop out and add use!

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