March 2018: The Month In Review

March 2018: The Month In Review

March of 2018 was a time of growth. Not only did I come to some realizations about the blog, I also decided to change-up the format of this monthly update to reflect those changes.

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Let’s get this show on the road!

What’s With The New Categories?

You may have noticed that I introduced three new categories to my line-up: Bookish Foodie, Book Blogging, and Bookish Knitting & Crochet. You may also have noticed that writing has disappeared as one of the major categories. Even that I’ve made some changed in sub-categories like book reviews, where I got rid of Young Adult/YA as a category and did away with book reviews about books meant to help writing.

All these changes were made for a very simple reason. Topics either weren’t catching my interest or were holding the blog down. In fact, I was spending more time writing about writing than writing any fiction myself. This made those posts a chore more than a pleasure, and I think it really showed.

I also don’t intend to review YA books which don’t fall into the realm of SciFi, Fantasy, or Horror at any point. I read and love non-SFFH (books that aren’t SciFi, Fantasy or Horror) books. It comes with the nerdy, Gothic Hobbit, bookworm territory. But if I’m not going to review YA as a whole marketing demographic/genre, having them as a separate category makes things unwieldy. Even more so when I took into account that I can easily use YA Horror etc. as a tag instead.  

However, I do find that knitting, crochet, and food are all things which mesh well with my Hobbit-like nature. And having book blogging as a category appeals to my desire to help other book bloggers. My blog is small, but I think I have a unique take on the topic. So that is what I decided to go with. The things which help people while also making me happy.

What Were My Blogging Stats For March 2018?

I only wrote and published the following four posts during March:

Combined with very little social media marketing on my part, this lead me some stats I’m less than impressed by. However, I did make progress in an area I didn’t expect. Instagram. I posted a picture or two to my Instagram per day for the last few days of March. And you know what? I’m starting to gain some traction. Which makes me very happy. My Pinterest stats were also pretty good.

Blogging Ephemera?

Join me during April as I just go with the reading flow.Now that I’ve complained about some stats and praised others, we come to my favorite part of this blogger update each month. The theme for the next month. Which is pretty simple for April 2018 because Eclectic Little Dork does not have a theme. That’s right, it’s no-theme April.

I enjoyed my Tolkien themed March immensely, but sometimes it is nice to take a break from themed content and just go with the flow.

Knitting & Crochet?

I’ve probably made it clear by now just how much of a nerd I am. This includes when it comes to knitting and crochet. If I can find an awesome nerdy knitting and crochet pattern, I’m all over it.

March 2018 saw me finish my Tolkien themed, self-designed Caradhras Cowl. Which should appear on Eclectic Little Dork sometime during the month of April as a free pattern/blog post.  I also put quite a bit of length on another self-designed pattern I’m calling my Shire Scarf. Both are awesome and cozy. It would not be too much to say that I love the design process.

My shire scarf will likely be the first paid pattern I do and I’m excited to release it once I have finished test knitting the pattern and worked out any kinks.

What I Read?

Besides the previously mentioned The Hobbit and The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, my reading for the month including starting The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien and beginning my millionth reread of The Lord of The Rings.

I also started to read The Quick by Lauren Owen, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great example of modern Gothic Fiction and will likely end up being reviewed on Eclectic Little Dork at some point in the next couple of months. For now, though, I’m just going with the flow and reading for enjoyment. I do so love a good piece of Gothic Literature any time I can get my hands on it.

My Life And Writing During March 2018

I mentioned earlier that I was not happy with giving others writing advice. That I was spending way too much time writing about writing instead of doing it myself. This is true. I haven’t written more than a sentence of fiction all month. For months on end. I needed to do something to help get myself back on track.

So I’ve decided to really commit to writing by spending at least fifteen minutes a day writing, to start sending things out to my writing group again, and sending out stories/poems on submission. My writing goal from my welcome 2018 post may be shot to hell, but that doesn’t mean I can’t turn things around a little.

On the life side of things: it’s been very calm. I’m not much of an extrovert so I’ve just been staying in, watching movies, and making some friends in the book blogging community. It’s been a chill month. Even during snow days where I crocheted or knit instead of being a proper book blogger and getting my butt in gear.

If you wish to chat, I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I’m also on Pinterest if you want to see what I’m pinning. Or you could check out my Instagram for great bookish and knitting/crochet content daily.

Discover my new goals for the month of April and how Tolkien Month went over at Eclectic Little Dork.

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