June 2018: Monthly Review

June 2018: Monthly Review

I had so many plans for June 2018. I even declared June to be Pride Month here at Eclectic Little Dork, with many LGBT themed Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books to be reviewed alongside some food and knitting posts. It was going to be glorious.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, my month was dull and frantic and I hardly had time to enjoy the month. July is a new month, though. So let’s get this show on the road and don’t forget to check out my affiliate disclaimer.

What Were My June 2018 Blogging Stats?

Spring into summer and July with my the lastest edition to my monthly blogger review and learn about my stats, books read, and knitting in June 2018.There is only one word to describe my stats for this month: abysmal. Completely and utterly abysmal. And, unlike last month, I’m not completely unsatisfied with how things have gone.

I only published two posts last month, my review of The Magpie Lord and my monthly update for May 2018. Combined with little to no promotion and generally being off my game that lead to the following stats:

  • 78 page views.
  • 30 visitors.
  • a 75.56% bounce rate.

Out of those, I’m only happy with the bounce rate. Last month it was roughly 84%. That’s a drop of almost 9% and means people are staying on my blog longer. And if I work my butt off, then all my other stats should improve as well.


Ok. We’ve talked about my abysmal stats for June 2018. Now let’s talk about something more exciting: the monthly theme and my first pattern launch!

My first pattern will be launching on Ravelry on July 15th. I’m calling it the “The Road Goes Ever On” blanket. And not only is it a quick knit, since it is just a 36 inch by 36 inch (91 cm by 91 cm) baby blanket with some simple striping. I greatly enjoyed creating it and hope everyone else will enjoy knitting it.

I’ll also FINALLY be launching my resource library on Monday, July 9th since I was unable to launch it as planned during June. As for the blog theme for July? I’m going with favorites and plan on reviewing some of my favorite books and share some awesome recipes, blogging advice and the like.

June 2018 Knitting & Crochet

I was very loyal this month and spent most of the time perfecting the Road Goes Every On baby blanket. Other than that, I didn’t do much knitting or crochet. But I am hoping to get back to work on my Amma Top.

What I read During June 2018

I’ve been trying to get ahead of the curve and reread or just read the following books so that I could review them this in July: 

I’d call that a very good reading month. It’s a shame May didn’t go that way and lead to June being an almost complete bust. But I’m so glad to have my reading mojo back after what felt like an age without it.

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What favorites do you plan on reading during the month of July? What Favorite recipes are you going to be making? Crochet and knitting projects you plan to give another go? Leave a comment or join my email list to gain access to my resource library when it goes live, be the first to hear when new patterns go live and read new blog posts.


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