January 2018: A Monthly Update

January 2018: A Monthly Update

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You may have noticed that January was a boring month here at Eclectic Little Dork. In fact, the only post I wrote was my 2018 intro post. And I didn’t even promote that post at all. Not on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Absolutely nowhere.

But the month wasn’t a total loss and February is shaping up to be better. Well, as long as I chug along and work my butt off!

So, in honor of the new month, let’s talk about how January went.


If you’ve read Eclectic Little Dork in the past, you know that the life section is where I talk about productivity and self-care. Both of which are topics I’m fairly passionate about. It’s also the section where these insights into the inner workings of blog live in my monthly updates category. But I’ve never really actually talked about life much in these updates. And what better place to change that than with this one?

In contrast with Eclectic Little Dork being boring, my life was slow but content during the month of January. Why?

Well, nothing dramatic happened. A major win for me and my Hobbit-like nature. And I took up knitting!

It’s more like I took up knitting again. I’ve been knitting and crocheting off and on since I was eight. But knitting is something that I love and the bamboo knitting needles I got were buttery soft. They’re a dream to work with and make me super happy.


As I mentioned, I only posted once post during January. Ironic considering how gung-ho I was about things in that post, but such is life. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t planning to make February better or that nothing happened behind the scenes during that time.

Eclectic Little Dork had 245 views last month, with a bounce rate of only 54.5%. For a blog that was almost completely inactive during that time, I’m super happy with it. Especially in light of the fact I barely posted in November and didn’t post at all during December.

I was also able to make some choices about the blog that will go into full effect March.

  • I’m buying the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin for my birthday.
  • I’m also purchasing a theme for my birthday near the end of the month.
  • Foodie Sunday will be expanding to include geeky recipe posts.
  • There will be geeky knitting and crochet posts.
  • I picked the post theme for March.

Speaking of themes, the theme for this month is love and romance. I’ve got some awesome posts lined up and hope you enjoy it.


Last but not least in this saga of a post is writing.

I didn’t do as much writing as I wanted during January, nor did I reach my goal of sending out one poem and one story. But my bi-weekly writing meetup resumed and I did start writing a piece.

What is the piece about?

Well, it is a love story about an Orc-like being learning to knit and falling in love with the owner of a yarn shop. I’m not sure how long it will be, but I like the idea and that is what counts as far I’m concerned. Even if I never send it off, I adore the idea.

And there you have it. January was not eventful but I did manage some writing, made some business choices, and did some writing. I call that a good month.

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Did you meet your goals, do anything interesting, or read any good books during January 2018.

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