Collaboration Policy

Hello and welcome to my collaboration policy page!  

At this moment in time, I only have one project which I’m seeking collaborators for. Please read on to learn more about the project.

Foodie Sunday

Most bookworms seem to also have a deep love of food, including book bloggers and bookish lifestyle bloggers. Foodie Sunday is a once monthly feature designed to give a food blogger and me a chance to discuss two topics we’re passionate about, books and food!

Why? Because I believe most book bloggers and bookworms are also foodies at heart. We love a good meal or a nice cup of cocoa that we can sip while reading our books. And in a different life, some of us would probably have turned to food blogging instead of blogging about books.

Foodie Sunday is a feature that I hope will show just how much food bloggers and book bloggers have in common.

What Is The Collaboration Process Like?

It is my goal to make the collaboration process simple as possible for us both. To that end, the process is is pretty straightforward.

  • Download the questionnaire and fill it out.
  • Send me an email labeled Collaboration Request: your name and blog with the filled out questionnaire attached as a rich text file.
  • Include a link to your blog in the email.

Please direct all collaboration emails to

I will get back to you within a few days. If you have not heard from me in a week, please send an email labeled Collaboration Query: Your Name and Blog and I will answer you.

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Any photos supplied for the collaboration that are the property of the owner belong to said owner. Should you request the photos be removed at a later date, they will be promptly removed from the post.

The text of the post belongs to me and the post may be removed should you request complete removal of your photos and links from Eclectic Little Dork.