My Favorite Book Blogger Affiliate Program

My Favorite Book Blogger Affiliate Program

A great number of bloggers want to make at least enough money to cover the cost of their blog. I’m no different in that way. But I am different in a very important way: my main niche, books, doesn’t make much money to begin with.

So, when I decided I wanted to make at least a little something off of my blog, it became obvious I would need to look for thoroughly bookish ways to do that. Enter Book Depository, a perfect match for me and perhaps for you as well.

But before I share the three reasons I’m they’re my favorite book blogger affiliate program, please be aware that this post does contain affiliate links that connect directly to Book Depository. Which just means I get a small fee, at no extra cost to you, if you buy something from my link(s).

I Love Book Depository

Book Depository is a service that I’ve both used myself and have had the pleasure of books being sent to me through. It’s got great prices, free worldwide shipping, an awesome selection of books, and the shipping time is on par with any other book purchasing venue.

People in the blogging world always say to only suggest products and service you love when doing affiliate marketing. That’s something I’ve definitely taken to heart and endorse myself. If you’re looking to become an affiliate as part of how you make money with your blog, the best route is first to see whether or not your favorite products/services have affiliate programs you can join.

In short, I love Book Depository. How can I not when it has things like this geeky cookbook and this awesome selection of Tolkien books

It Fits My Blog Theme

I don’t like the term niche, which is what others use to describe the overarching topic of their blogs. It’s too broad. You have mommy blogs, blogging advice blogs, food blogs etc. and book blogs like Eclectic Little Dork.

What others call a niche, I like to think of as a theme. After all, a lifestyle blog geared towards geeks is not your typical lifestyle blogs. A mommy blog about having kids with epilepsy is not the same as one which focuses on kids in general. You get the picture.

With Book Depository I can easily find books which fit my geeky Scifi/Fantasy/Horror novel and all related knitting, crochet, and food theme. My tagline is all things bookish and they deal in nothing but books of various genres and formats for various ages.

The Commissions Are Good

Book Depository pays a flat 5% commission on all sales. This also happens to be the same as the starting point for book-related commissions on Amazon.

I wouldn’t call it spectacular. But I don’t have to wade through things as much as on Amazon when using  Book Depository. Novels‚ crochet‚ knitting‚ and geeky cookbooks are all at the tips of my fingers. To me‚ that is worth taking a lower commission.

Have you thought about becoming a Book Depository Affiliate?

If you want to chat about choosing the perfect bookish affiliate, I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I’m also on Pinterest if you want to see what I’m pinning. Or you could check out my Instagram for great bookish and knitting/crochet content daily.

A lot of bloggers have a favorite affiliate program. Here's my favorite book blogger affiliate and three reasons I love it.

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