August 2017 Writer’s Life Review

August 2017 Writer’s Life Review

August was an interesting month. Full to the brim with both excitement and mind-numbing boredom. And with far less reading going on than normal, much to my annoyance. I could seriously have used a good book or five to break up the boring parts of the month. But with a new month comes new adventures, goals, and glimpse into this writer’s life.

Content Theme

Some may ask, why choose a content theme for each month? Doesn’t that just hinder creativity?

And I admit, it was hard to choose the theme for this month.  I was more concerned with moving the blog from my now defunct free WordPress site to here, my shining new site. More concerned with not trying to bang my head into a wall or becoming a grumpy mess because I haven’t had much chance to just sit and read unless it was going on 1:00 A.M. Thank the universe for a vast array of easily found and quite relaxing Fan-Fiction stories around 1,000 words in length. I’m an avid reader and I may have flipped out without them. But in the end, I did get the theme picked out for this month.

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September’s content theme is…productivity. I have a passion for productivity methods. Most notable being my passion for my Bullet Journal and a recent passion for Asana. This passion mixes with my passion for writing and reading,spurringg me to do more, write, more, and read more. Perfect for my first month on a new site, especially since I cut back my posting schedule to help the move run smoothly.

Fun fact: I went from picture books straight to H.G. Well’s The Time Machine as a kid and was an avid list maker.

Writer’s Life

August brought some interesting things development when it comes to writing and productivity.

I’m an avid user of Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal®, having used it for over a year at this point. But during August, it became pretty obvious to me that spending so much time in the digital world meant I also needed a digital tool. After doing some research, I settled on Asana and set about trying to find the perfect way to use it for tracking writing-related tasks. I’m slowly getting the hang of it and think I finally have something that works.

On the writing front, August means I put a project I’ve been struggling with on hiatus until further notice. I love the project. It’s a Young Adult Science Fiction retelling of Romeo and Juliet. What’s not to love? But I was starting to dread opening the Google Doc. to work on the story. So I decided to do something else. Something fun. A novella or short novel I could submit to somewhere like Riptide Publishing if I polished it hard enough.

The story is an F/F Fantasy Romance that place in a world modeled vaguely on the Edwardian Era. I’ve managed to get a brief, one-page synopsis of the story written. Now I’m on to composing a 3-page synopsis and fleshing out the world. There is a quest and the meet-cute has one of the women bursting into the other’s life in an unexpected way. (And vampires! Because I love aliens, tech, vampires or vampire-like beings, and orcs. )

I also wrote a flash-fiction piece that is thoroughly character-based in its conflict and will hopefully be sent out on submission soon. Which brings me to my goals for the month. During September I want to:

  • Expand synopsis to 3-pages and worldbuild.
  • Write a 1-page synopsis for a different F/F Fantasy Romance.
  • Draft a short story.
  • Write one chapter of current in-progress Fantasy Romance.

What was your August like? What are your September goals? Leave a comment below, come and chat with me on Facebook or Twitter, or see what I’m pinning on Pinterest.

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