April 2018: The Month In Review

April 2018: The Month In Review

April 2018 was an interesting, if not a particularly productive month, here at Eclectic Little Dork. And I’m thrilled to tell you all about it.

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Now that that is out of the way, let’s dive into my review of April 2018.

What Were My April 2018 Stats?

Find out what books I read and crochet & Knitting projects I completed. And for bloggers, check out my book blogger statistics!April 2018 was a slow month for me in terms of posting but great in terms of traffic when compared to past months. So, I’ve got zero real complaints.

Of the twelve posts I had hoped to produce, only the following three went live:

Not exactly a stellar performance in terms of producing content, but I’ll take it. Besides, my post about The Caradhras Cowl was the most popular post this month. It netted a whopping, for me, 62 views since being published on April 11th. And was followed by my review of The Maps Of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth with 29 views, and a post on my Top 3 Books About Love with a tiny 9 views.

My overall stats where pretty good as well considering how tiny Eclectic Little Dork is. Those stats were, in ultra-brief summary:

  • 360 page views.
  • 124 visitors.
  • 79.39% bounce rate.

Most of my April 2018 traffic came from Pinterest with 227 views coming from there, but I also managed to get 45 views from Ravelry. Facebook is my lowest referrer with a measly 7 views.

Which brings me to a new segment, my goals for the month. In May 2018 I hope to…

  • publish 13 posts.
  • recieve 1,500 page views.
  • grow my social media presence.
  • lower my bounce rate.

None of those goals seem particularly arduous if I get my butt in gear. But they’re also something I’m sure I’ll have to work for in order to get to where I want to be.


Enjoy Fantasy themed book reviews, free crochet patterns, free knitting patterns, and reciepes all May 2018 on eclecticlittledork.comOk. We’ve talked stats. Now let’s talk about the theme for the month and other announcements related to Eclectic Little Dork.

Speaking of which, I’m really excited to announce that the theme for May 2018 is…FANTASY! All month long I will be sharing Fantasy-themed food, knitting & crochet, and bookish posts. There will even, hopefully, be a post how to start a geeky blog and a post about finding your blog theme/niche with a geeky flair.

I’m also excited to announce, that I will be launching a Ravelry/Etsy crochet and knitting pattern shop in July. It will, of course, be geek-themed with plenty of patterns fit for Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction lovers. The patterns are still in the works but are coming along awesomely.

April 2018 Knitting & Crochet

In April, I didn’t do as much knitting or crochet as I would like. It’s the story of my life that other stuff, awesome and annoying both, tends to get in the way of what I’m passionate about doing. But I did manage to mostly finish one object this month, an Elvish filet crochet piece that says friend.

How? Well, in short. I took an awesome double knitting chart from Ravelry and treated it like a filet crochet chart. It was pretty fun. I didn’t do much other crochet, though.

What I read During April 2018

This may seem strange to some. About as strange as the perhaps overly conversational tone of my monthly catch-up post, I’m sure. But I didn’t do as much reading as I normally would. At least, not when it came to reading new things.

You see, I’m not picky but I have reading moods. And I either read fanfiction or reread a favorite trade published work when I can’t find something new to keep my interest. This may be a Romance story,  Fantasy or Science Fiction story, Horror, classic fiction such as Gothic Fiction etc. I’m especially fond of vampires because vampires are both terrifying and awesome.

April was such a month. I read old favorites like The Lord of The Rings and continued to pluck away at The Quick whenever the mood struck. But this mood did lift enough towards the end of the month that I was able to read an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Astrid Arditi’s Olympian Challenger.

And since I’m sure people are wondering, yes, I did greatly enjoy Olympian Challenger. There will be a review coming up sometime this month even though it is not going to be released to the public until July. And I plan to do a fun post for when it does get released to celebrate. I honestly cannot wait!

How was your April 2018? Did you read anything you loved, finish a project that you can’t wait to gush about? Come up with any new geeky recipes? Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

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Join me as I divulge what crochet & knitting projects I finished in April 2018, the books I read, and my blogging stats.

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